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Angélica Patricia Leal Ramírez

Type Certificate

My name is Angèlica Patricia Leal Ramìrez , I was born on March 1, 1997 in the hospital San Rafael of the Espinal-Tolima. Angelica it means feminine name of Greek origin. Variant of Ángela. Of the Greek messenger, The God's messenger. Emotive nature vehement. It demonstrates in the artistic expression, the things of the honor and those of the humor. I love the red color, the proportions and the happy fortitude. I like feeling complemented. I express myself in the attention to the detail, the safety. I love what I affirm and confirm,the property and the law that it protects.

My Pet And I

My pet Valentina , and I Angélica Patricia I are very playful and get along very well with it is small likes to play and eat a lotis a very playful pet was born on 26/01/13 at 3:00 pm called his mother Misci and his father Nacho. Valentina liked that one the consents, cuddle and loves to play with the ball has a place special sleeping.

My Family


My family consists of my dad José Arnulfo Leal Morales , My mom Maria Del Carmen Ramírez Godoy , My Brother Carlos Andres Leal Ramírez , Angélica Patricia Leal Ramírez and my pet Valentina which has lived two years with us at home.

This is my family with whom i share time. with my mom Maria Del Carmen Ramírez Godoy share the majority of time is possible because the person who is with me at all times and bad and the good times of life and that's why i love my mom are unique. With my brother spent the afternoon play and my dad did not spend enough time maintained by the not at home.


Valentina Born on 26/01/13 3:00 pm . her mom Misci and dad called Nacho . It is very playful loves eating, running from side to side and when we see that it gets very happy . A Valentina liked that one the consents, cuddle and loves to play with the ball has a place special sleeping.

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My friends they belong to the community bond of love Marian which we are joined affectionate and the principal thing we respect some ours others according to the love of the virgin maria this pure, sweet, holy and modest woman. Karen Dayana Reyes Cardozo who took six years of friendship and together we went good, Paola Yulieth Osuna Ortiz, that took four years of friendship tender and beautiful friendship, Maria Gbriela Guapacho Cruz took four years to open tender and sweet friendship Maritza Lizeth Garcia Sanches friendship and which took her six years of sincere friendship cute and tender friendship between.

What I Like Doing

What I like is to go to swimming poolwhat I like is to go to swimming pool I like sleeping, spending time with my family and friends; I like the pink color symbolizesThe rose is an emotionally relaxed color and it influences the feelings turning them in kind, soft and deep.He makes us feel fondness, love and protection. Also it removes us from the solitude and turns us into sensitive.

Business Administration

I have the purpose and dream to be a business administration and so further study in order to follow my dreams to become a teacher and also get to do a pediatrician and a health center if I can get I would also like to create my own student center where they can go resivir children study and our help. I want to be a psychologist, I want to study psychology for which it is one of the careers that I like since my sleep was small age and I want to be able togo so far as to ful fill my big longed sleep and wait that when this grade could help my mom,to my dad and to my brother for whom I hope to be recognized and respected by all the persons.


I would like to study at university in Espinal Tolima because I want to get ready to fulfill all my dreams and to be a good person and that my parents are proud of me and my brother so that we can help later.what I Like is to sleep, to chat, to go to walk, to swimming pool, to spend time with my friends and relatives, I like to draw to do, to take photos, I like the pink color and violet color, I like listening to music.The experiences through that we live the adolescents in our free time are very related to the creation of the identity of the young man. For us the free time and the free time have a big importance.

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